Automatically upload your Twitch clips to TikTok and YouTube Shorts and grow overnight.

Reviews is the best thing ever i’m so thankful you made this thank you for being amazing it’s SO SO helpful exactly what i’ve been looking for ❤

Sierra - Variety Streamer

I have been using Clipbot for a month and half now, it has got me 160,000 views on YouTube, 100+ subs. Before Clipbot I had 100,000 total views in 10 years. Clipbot broke that in one month.

PlagueJesterSky - Variety Streamer

After only 24 hours I had two shorts on YouTube reach over 80k+ views and all others shorts reach at least 1000.

Teddi - LoL Streamer

2.7k views for my YT shorts in 4 days due to Clipbot... So worth it!

TimeTell - Horror Streamer

Clipbot has netted me 50,000 views in the last 30 days on YT

ItsKeyExe - COD Streamer

Just wanted to say thanks for this program! It's really expanded my reach!

MartyFreeze - Variety Streamer


Automatic Tiktok Uploads

Login to Tiktok once and watch your twitch clips get uploaded overnight!

Automatic Youtube Shorts

Login to Youtube once and watch your twitch clips get uploaded as #shorts overnight!

Manual Mode

Don't want all your clips uploaded? Pick your favorite clips and only upload those.

Create Clips

Easily create clips from your stream with the click of a button!

Best Clip Filtering

Filter what clips get uploaded based on views on Twitch so only your best clips get posted.

Custom Crops

Lots of different kinds of clips? No problem! Crop any clip by itself to create an awesome vertical video.

Easy Vertical Videos

Want to make perfect mobile videos? Crop your camera and gameplay area to create a high quality vertical video easily!



Free Livestreamer

Grow your stream for FREE while you're just starting out.

  • Automatic Youtube #Shorts
  • Automatic TikTok Uploads
  • GG EZ Vertical Videos
  • Crop Once Crop Forever
  • Manual Mode
  • Best Clip Filtering
  • Custom Crops
  • Required #clipbottv hashtags
Start growing my channelStart growing my channel

Paid Livestreamer

Already well-known? Start the best year of your career.

$15/ month
  • Scheduled uploads
  • Posting Calendar (Set up times you like your videos to go out, then just hit approve!)
  • Suggest future features that get built
Start growing my channelStart growing my channel

Custom Gear

For BIG streamers needing a custom setup

???/ month
  • Everything in paid tier
  • Custom Hosted Solution (no download required)
  • Account management (Can create Tiktok/Youtube shorts channel for you)
  • Support for multiple accounts
  • Custom Feature Requests
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