Upload Twitch Clips To Youtube Shorts, NOT Tiktok

Clipbot.tv insane results

Alright, so you're a twitch streamer. You've decided you're gonna try and grow your stream.

Everyone says to reuse your clips, so you take some time to setup a clip button and make a ton of cool clips.

You throw them into an editor tool like Streamladder to get them into a Tiktok format, upload them, and wait.

After a few days, you have 200 views - woo! 200 people saw your video! That's amazing.

But...there are 3 likes and no comments. Hmm. Well, might as well try again.

So you try again with another clip. Same thing. 200 views, a few likes.

Why does that keep happening?

Why aren't your best clips popping off like they should?

Why Tiktok sucks for Twitch Streamers

If you've been on /r/tiktokhelp on reddit lately, you may have noticed that every single post says the same thing: "Why am I getting no views on Tiktok anymore?"

What follows will be a really sad thread of a ton of different people talking about all the different ways that Tiktok has changed their algorithm recently (late December) to absolutely screw over most twitch streamers.

Here's just a few notes:

1. Tiktok hates accounts that link to other platforms in their bio (twitch)

2. Tiktok hates videos that link to other platforms (twitch)

3. Tiktok hates videos that have comments that link to other platforms (twitch)

Now, this doesn't mean you can't grow your stream on Tiktok. But what it does mean, is that you're going to have to fight a lot harder to grow.

So what you can do?

Upload Twitch Clips to Youtube Shorts

Youtube Shorts is Youtube's tiktok competitor. It's basically Tiktok, just inside of Youtube. To upload to youtube shorts, you only need to upload a phone-sized video to youtube, and it'll automatically be considered a short. (No, you don't need #shorts anymore).

But you can do it even easier. If you use a tool like Clipbot, you can have your clips uploaded to Youtube Shorts automatically. Clipbot also does the editing for you, so you can skip the tools like Streamladder and just sit back while your clips generate views for you.

How many views?

Depends on the person, but most Clipbot Users get a few thousand views within their first week, and many break 50k (sometimes even 100k) within their first month.

Don't believe me? Check the image at the top of this article :)

You can try out Clipbot here: Clipbot.tv