Why Athenascope Is Not As Good As It Seems

Why Athenascope Is Not As Good As It Seems


I wrote this article in January, and this week Athenascope has just shut down.

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If you've been streaming for a while, at some point you probably asked yourself:

"Is there some way to just automatically clip hype moments of my stream?"

The Answer?

Well yes, but actually no.

Let's get into what Athenascope does, how it automatically clips your stream, and why that's not as cool as it seems.

What Athenascope does & How Athenascope Works

Without getting too technical, Athenascope watches for hype moments in your game. Moments like when you get 5 kills in 30 seconds, or score a goal in rocket league. It does this by watching your screen for the words "GOAL" or "KILL STREAK".

And honestly, it's really good! The way Athenascope built this is really clever, and makes it pretty simple (relatively) to get good clips from a ton of games. So, the first day you use Athenascope, honestly, you'll be blown away!

Wow, this tool just magically gave me a highlight reel? That's sick!! This is free content! I'm gonna blow up!

Why Athenascope Clips Aren't As Good As They Seem

Before I get into this section, seriously, Athenascope does exactly what it says it does really well. They don't make any crazy claims and honestly I really respect what they've done.

But, all the same, these clips aren't going to be the best thing to grow your stream.

Why? A couple reasons.

Off-Twitch Clips

Instead of creating Twitch Clips like a viewer might, Athenascope makes clips on its own website. While this is fine if you just want to upload highlights to Youtube, it makes it much harder to use your clips for Tiktoks and Youtube Shorts (which you should be doing!)


Tools like Clipbot will automatically pull in your Twitch clips to start editing and automatically uploading to Tiktok and Youtube Shorts.

But if your clips aren't on Twitch, then tools like this won't be able to pull them automatically.

By doing this, Athenascope has severely limited the ability to reuse your own content, making their clips way less valuable than a normal Twitch clip.

The Wrong Clips

As the creator of Clipbot, I've seen hundreds of different channels uploading all kinds of different clips to Youtube Shorts and Tiktok.

The clips that go viral are almost NEVER the clips where you get a bunch of kills or a crazy goal.


Because that's what everyone else's clips are! Everyone clips their highlights, their crazy kills, and everyone's Tiktok feeds are filled with great Valorant plays and Call of Duty kill streaks.

So what clips succeed?

Clips where you made a great joke. Clips where you laugh. Clips that show people who YOU are, not just your GAMEPLAY.

Here's a great example

Take a look at that clip. It's 11 seconds long.

Was there a crazy kill streak? No.

Was it super skilled? No.

Was it funny? Hell yeah.

That clip has over 50 THOUSAND VIEWS. 50,000.

Those are the clips that get you fans.

Those are the clips that get you views.

Those are the clips that help you grow.

How do I get those clips?

Instead of relying on a tool like Athenascope to create your clips, you have to make your own. But it doesn't have to be hard. There are tools you can use to make clips yourself instantly.

Clipbot has a Clip Hotkey feature that lets you press a button on your keyboard to take a clip of the last 30 seconds of stream. It will then automatically edit that clip for Tiktok and Youtube Shorts, then UPLOAD it FOR YOU.

All you have to do is remember when something cool or funny happens, press the button!

Everything else will happen for you.

Try it out, and you might be amazed by what happens :) If you're still not convinced, click to read more on Athenascope vs. Clipbot

Get it here - Clipbot.tv



If you care to know more, you can check this highlight I made talking about why auto clipping is hard: